Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Last night I started this embroidery hoop felt clock, and finished it this morning. It was a little bit slap-dash I admit. But I couldn't help but rush it a bit to see if the clock motor I dexterously removed from a cheap wall clock would work ($3.99 -Sam's Warehouse).

Magically it does work- despite a worrying snapping (!) sound when I removed the hour hand. Success! Here she is...

I made it after stumbling across and proceeding to drool over the embroidered clocks made by ESTY seller's blissinateacup.


  1. Ahahaha! We think alike, Ms Thrift. Nest. Sew & I!

    I saw those too & thought about making my own (but then again, there isn't much I don't at the very least think about making...), but you actually did it! And well!

  2. Lets make them at Owls in 2010!