Wednesday, January 20, 2010

She's all mine *shriek!!*

Note: If you think Blythe are freaky, scary and a little weird you may not find this post acceptable :D

I caved and have finally endeavoured into the world of eBay (excellent) and PayPay (not so exciting) - yes, I am a bit slow in testing the waters of such great things. My first Blythe doll is going to be in my hands within the month! That means that I have approximately 30 days to sew and crochet a plethora of clothing, beanies and hair accessories.
I fear, hope rather !!! , that this will be the start of a very expensive obsession. No no... lets use the word hobby. Hobbies are healthy things to have. People go insane without one right?! yes. It will improve my health and perhaps my sanity. In short - it can't be anything other than good.
Some clothing I am liking a lot...

CERAMIC CLOGS! thai fab shop

blythe elegance + style

Under Lock and Key


  1. oh those ceramic clogs are an absolute must!!!
    Congratulations on your purchase!
    Love that miniature telly in the bottom pic, oh I would not know when to stop if I started such a collection, do they have a blythe rehab/helpline?!

  2. I've been seeing these Blythe dolls popping up on blogs I read for a few years now - they seem to create quite an obsession in people! Luckily for me I find them quite unsettling to look at so I won't be tempted to spend far too much money on all those gorgeous accessories. :)

  3. lololol! oh my, what a giggle (loud)! Actually laugh out loud type giggle really! Such a way with words you have.
    Have to agree with flamehair though. I too find them rather odd. A bit alienesque dare I suggest? But how wonderful that you've managed to start a collection of them. I believe they are rather sort after.

  4. She looks so cute! Have fun playing with her!