Thursday, January 21, 2010


hotel curtain
just a super bright house in Hobart? look closer... down there, by the door step...... it appears as though we stumbled upon someones collected treasures. I couldn't touch any items, I worried that some child would jump out from behind a wall and wrestle me to the floor to retrieve their treasure. spectacular finds if I do say so myself

old boat
an old theatre perhaps?

That's it. I thought I would keep it short and sweet this time. If you ever go to Tassie, you must go to Hobart. It is wonderful - small, cute, picturesque, hilly, charming and... well, warm-ish.


  1. It has never been 'warm', 'warm-ish' or even 'not drizzley' any time I've been to Hobart! (...and I loved it.)

    Great pics Tracey. :)

  2. Very cool collection of treasures. Love the pics, glad you had a great holiday.