Monday, April 12, 2010

clocks et cabinet...

Last week I promised some more photos of Great Nana's treasures. So here you are... We discovered that she collected alarm clocks. All except for one are wind ups with keys. Only one ticks when wound.
These two are our favourites, the Princess and the Hero.

And ... I have wished for a glass retro cabinet to appear before my eyes during my op shop jaunts. So when this popped up I grabbed it for the pricey sum of $40 (anything over $20 for me is normally too much hehe). Not sure if some d.i.y is called for, but I really like that I have less dusting to do! :)


  1. Princess & the Hero?! AMAZING!

    Holy cow Tracey - how awesome are they all?!

    I missed your post about the trip to your Great Nan's - so thanks for pointing to it... what an amazing old place, and how fantastic that you were able to salvage such treasures...

    SNAP! On anything over $20 being "...a bit too rich.." lol, what are we... hobos with houses..?! Love what you've got displayed in your wee cabinet too.

  2. I have a little red and white alarm clock by Diehl, the same company as that Princess one! Mine is an Elite and the paper is natural colour, not white. How cool :D

  3. OMY...i love love love it...
    and the cabinet was so cool,


  4. LOVE the clock collection!! That is one very lovely cabinet, nice find & good value I'd say...