Tuesday, April 13, 2010

they say patience is a virtue...

Hello, I don't get too personal on here. But today I have decided to... I do hope you don't mind.

My Boy and I own a beautiful house together. We love it. But it's often a very lonely place to live. This is because I am at home alone for long periods of time, hence our new fence! He is a ranger (my friends call him Nature Boy hehe) and works long 10 day shifts at a national park about 2 hours away.

We have lived some distance apart for 4 of the 5 years we have known each other. When I read that I think "No, that can't be true! Who does that?!" We did. The distance makes the normal relationship stuff pretty tricky and it has been horribly difficult at times.

image: weheartit

So, onto that 'good news'. We found out yesterday that he has been offered a job here in Adelaide! *woot woot*
Soon we will live together in our home. Soon we will come home from work and cook meals together. Soon we will probably annoy each other a bit, too lol.
Super happy. Patience is definitely a virtue :)


  1. Good for you for sticking it out. For the second and third years of my relationship with Chris I worked night shift (graveyard in fact so 11pm to 7am) and he worked day shift. We worked in different hotels, on opposite ends of the day and lived in different suburbs. Crazy! 11 years, one wedding and three kids later and we are still glad we stuck it out. :)

  2. Think of it as a trial by fire. I lived in here in Adelaide for a year while my man lived in Melbourne. We would drive to Horsham for a weekend to catch up. Ah, the romance of it all. But you have made it through that part of the relationship- onto the domestic bliss of annoying each other while he leaves the toilet seat up and you screw up the toothpaste tube. But going to bed together each and every night and being able to snuggle up? Priceless.

  3. Wahooooooo!

    How exciting for you!

    My Mum is married to a shearer who is away all week & only home on weekends - that means she is home with 3 kids all week & effectively living like a sole parent in that time, not to mention missing her hubby - there is no way I could do that...!

    Here is to all that good stuff that Tas mentioned like the toilet seat up, ahhh, domestic bliss! ;)

  4. Super good news.

    Did the long distance thing for an entire four years prior to marrying my beloved. I do look back and think we were insane. But as you would know, it stands you in good stead for lots of things...

    Meanwhile, back to celebrating the good news!

  5. Great news Tracey! Very happy for you guys! Things can only get easier from here!! xox

  6. Oh that is super news Tracey! Just wonderful xx

  7. YAY!!! We love nature boy ;) !!!!!!!!!!