Sunday, April 18, 2010

little brown fabulous things...

In keeping with my new found love for our garden, I seem to be slightly obsessed with.... yes wait for it ... bulbs. Yep, bulbs! Until about a month ago I couldn't care less about these things, let alone wish to plant 8 pots of them.
We have tulip bulbs taking up space in the cheese compartment of the fridge (in order to fake the winter season), bright red hyacinths and piles of various daffodils in pots, blue flowered muscari, a heap of ranunculus, poppies growing from seed, and yellow crocuses which already have shoots popping out of the soil after only 3 days of life in soil. Did I go crazy or what?!
Despite my tragic plant survival history, I am hopeful we will have a Spring full of dazzling colour on our front porch. Here's to hope! :)


  1. You are braver than me, Tracey! Good luck with the garden :) Have a good week, Jenny

  2. What is so exciting about bulbs is forgetting you planted them only to come out of your house one day to find all these gorgeous flower heads poking out of the soil and then waiting in anticipation to see what colour they will be. Once they are all up and smiling at the sun, you feel like you've landed in a some sunny place in Holland.

  3. Oh I am in the gardening learning mode too! Bulbs... so now is when to plant for spring? I think I shall pop out visit the nursery this weekend. Just found you blog & finding we have a lot in common :)