Sunday, May 23, 2010

Giveaway winner...

I have decided that I love to giveaway things I have made. It makes me feel so happy to send something off and wonder what the receiver feels or says when they open the parcel.

All importantly - thank you kind ones for your comments on my crocheted canned food!

and HURRAH a huge congratulations and round of applause to Rainbow Jen-Jen. I will email you asap!


    I'm SO excited!!!!!
    Yours was one of the first SMS give-aways I entered, and I REALLY fell in love with these!!
    My tot is very much into doing "cook cook" at the moment, these will delight his little heart :)
    Thank-you so very very much xxxxxxx

  2. Oh and what is your email addy? So I can tell you my postal addy ;)

  3. Congrats, Rainbow JenJen, it sounds like they will be well appreciated. Happy crafting, Jenny

  4. Oh no, how did I miss this gorgeous giveaway?
    Huge congratulations Rainbow Jen jen that is one fabulous prize!