Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blackbird singing in the dead of night...

If you have not heard Sarah McLachlan's rendition of that wonderful Beatles tune you reeeeally must. The vocals are spectacular although riddled with sadness. I do love a good ballad.

I proudly wore my great nana's black plastic birdie brooch today, and just wanted to share it's glossy prettiness. It was found last month in the spare room of her home when we discovered and rescued a pile of her belongings. Despite the ridiculous "bird-craze" going on in oh so many shops of recent, I still find myself drawn towards these winged creatures.

I wonder if she ever wore it?


  1. How sweet that you have something of your Nana's that is so adorable and wearable. Thank goodness for the rescue trip!

  2. Very pretty - and I can't imagine your Nana not wearing it! Great story on rescuing your Nana's lost treasures.

  3. It's beautiful, your nan sure had some lovely things. How special for you to be able to wear this one...

  4. What a lovely find! If only it could talk to you about your Great Nana :) Best wishes, Jenny

  5. that is absolutely gorgeous & even better that it was your nanas.
    i bet you smile when you catch a glimpse of it when you are wearing it.