Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh bother!

Did you know that you cannot buy white duffel coat buttons in Adelaide? Yes its true. I tried so many places then gave up.

So I'm waiting for these babies to dry before the final white coat can be applied. Is 'button' even the correct term to use for them? They're not truly a button now are they..... What would you call them?

Will share more of this project soon x


  1. I'd call them a toggle.
    ...but I know very little about such things.

  2. As above, toggle! And i'd say give them a coat of mod Podge, nice and glossy and the paint will last longer (unless you're using varnish or something, I guess!) Great knitting.

  3. do-flicker usually works just as well

  4. come to think of it I've not seen white here either. they'll look great in white, it's going to be lovely by the look of things so far...

  5. Hi Tracey, add me to the 'toggle' :) Happy crafting, Jenny