Saturday, July 24, 2010

mail happiness

This week two lovely things have arrived in our letterbox. Why is it that snail mail is so much more fabulous compared w. email?!

A few weeks ago I pulled a bit of secret squirrel power from within and sent Cam and Liz some of my great-nana's lino. I was super happy that they adored the goodies I posted... but imagine my face as I opened a mini surprise package to find this owl brooch - made from the very lino I gave Liz! In particular I adore the glossy beak :)

Vintage sheets from Ange's sheet swap, in an array of pastally goodness has made me completely motivated to get a start on a new quilt. Thank you Ange - you deserve a high 5! You should pop over and see the plethora of vintage sheets on her floor ready to be swapped and posted - I still cannot comprehend how she managed not to return the same sheets to swappers? impressive. 


  1. How divine are those sheets!
    I so should have got my bum into gear and sent some.
    I am very excited to see all the gorgeous quilts popping up now.

  2. love that owl (and nice that great-nana's lino should get reused so beautifully!).
    Am working hard to manage my vintage sheet envy at the moment - looks like fun!

  3. How sweet that now you can actually wear your nana's lino!

  4. Love that owl brooch and your much more impressive photos of your "bunch" of swapped sheet FQ's! Can't wait to see what you make of them.

  5. That owl is ACE, I looooooooooove it! On a similar mail matter - email me your address honeypie - I have a little sumpin' sumpin' for your plastic pal... ;)

  6. so beautiful! i have just blogged about all the lovely sheets that arrived in my mailbox this week...

    looking forward to seeing what you create!

    kel x

  7. That owl is supercute!
    And what a sweet bouquet of sheets you have ther. Mine arrived too and they looks so lovely I dare not un wrap them.

  8. Owlie and the sheets go well together