Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The most lovely things are happening in our garden these days. Take a peek...

Boy was I glad to see these sprouts! Last month I noticed the rose bushes were simply OUT OF CONTROL, which resulted in some rather excessive pruning on my behalf. Having never pruned a rose in my life I looked to the garden oracle for answers -my dad told me to basically "Go Bananas" .... and I think they liked it :)

Blossoms are emerging. I am quite sure that the flowers in 2009 were white?! Is it possible for blossom flowers to change colour?

Red Cup and Yellow Trumpet daffodils

I hope your garden is looking pretty too.



  1. Good old roses. I hack mine back every winter and they always seem to bounce back. I figure if they can survive Adelaide summer they can survive my amateurish attempts at gardening. :)

  2. Crap! A new post from you has reminded me that I am yet to post your sumpin sumpin... DOH! One day hon, one day... and you will be ever so much more suprised... Oops!

    Purty flowers... I want some more sun over here, please!

  3. I'm noticing the same round these parts. Looks like we skipped winter this year and rolled straight on into springtime...

  4. Beautiful! Wish we had some signs of spring here but got nothing yet apart from a bit of sunshine earlier in the week. And the only thing flowering are the winter wattles. Can't wait for some warmer weather.

  5. I read the other day that dafs & their relatives can change their colour if they were a hybrid. Like one part dies away and the carrier or stronger part keeps blooming... Or something like that. Basically I wanted to say I hear they can change colour!

    I planted bulbs and am eager to have a front garden full of pretty flowers as soon as Spring sees fit to arrive.