Saturday, October 23, 2010

bokeh rather

Okay, so I made up the word sunspots to describe circular background blur... thank you for putting me onto the correct terminology Mel and Catherine... bokeh. I have been doing my research this morning while the house is Boy-less and I was a tad bored. After watching countless beautiful bokeh youtube vids and reading tutorials I proceeded to dig up The Boy's digital SLR Pentax istDL (just pointing out that this means nothing to me at present) and...!

My golly, why didn't I play with this camera earlier? To be frank - I was always too scared of the Av, Tv, aperture, depth of field, M buttons and dials that I refused to go near it. But now... bokeh has inspired me through and through. We are going to get to know each other real well!

I have been a bit uninterested with crochet of late (craft mojo very low), so I am thrilled to have something capture my enthusiasm. Is it crazy that my heart was beating quicker than normal while I was taking photos with the camera this morning?

 I'll try some night and evening shots next.  xx


  1. Uh oh, he's going to have to fight you to get that camera back! Do I dare mention that I've seen lenses that make heart shaped bokeh? ;)
    I think my craft mojo is in transition. It is time to put away the yarn and hooks/needles and time to bring out the fabric and sewing machine, but my mind just wont let go of the yarn craft.

  2. Oh those photos are lovely!! :)

    Have fun with the camera.

  3. I love bokeh, I've got a borrowed DSLR at the moment but the lense doesn't really have a low enough f stop (big enough aperture) to catch it. Or maybe it's just me, what f stop did you get these at?