Sunday, October 24, 2010

♥ bokeh

Ooooo - just must share my discovery. Night is seriously THE best time for Hollywood style bokeh. They appear with ease as long as the shutter speed is slow/wide open (or the Fv value is low) then you stare down the viewer and there they are - gorgeous round little bokeh wherever the light sources are in the night sky/scene. Today I ..
  • stanly knived a heart shaped bokeh filter following this video tute
  • found Chris Bray's explanation most helpful
  • found the photos within this video helped made sense from utter nonsense
  • went all heart skippy happy when watching this EOS video (how fabulous would it be to be a part of this project), 
  • and watched this and this too
no filter 50mm lens all were taken at stop lights in car

heart shaped filter 50mm lens:

Tonight I'll test a tear drop filter and see what happens. Loving these nice little colour discs.


  1. Looks gorgeous! LOVE the heart filter! I might have to get me one of those!!!

  2. So beautiful ... the heart filter is magic - I want one too! :)