Monday, October 25, 2010

dolphins and raindrops

We headed to the water over the weekend and went on a little boat trip down the Port River. It was fast, refreshing, windy, salty and relaxing. We saw some gorgeous creatures who did a spot of above water gymnastics for us. Everyone loves dolphins I know... but you are reminded of just how sleek and beautiful they really are when you get close to them in the wild.

I have been a little preoccupied with producing bokeh of late. I adore the simplicity of the plain shapes among the darkness, but also finding them among the waves while on the boat was special.

I feel so very unmotivated today. meh. Normally I am more than happy to be at school, but this morning I  must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed and didn't even want to open the door to my students. Not a great start to the week but it's got to get better from here on. At least the Boy is being a love and making lasagna as I type... my favourite dish.

Here's to hoping for more motivation tomorrow, and wishing you all a nice week x


  1. Love the bokeh! What fun you've had. Just discovered the concept a few months ago myself & am fascinated by it. Thanks for the links..I'll follow them up when I have a sec..just don't have access to an slr camera though unfortunately. Thanks for sharing your experiments : ) Much love Catherine

  2. Oh dear, another unenthusiastic start to the week. :( At least you have your new love of bokeh to keep you going.
    Daisy and the kindy kids went on one of those cruises last year as they sponsored one of the dolphins and her baby (Sparkle I think?) They all came back dehydrated, sunburnt and ecstatic. :)

    PS. I amy or may not have knitted another tiny jacket.