Thursday, October 21, 2010


Now I am SURE I am not the only one to love those little circular coloured discs which appear (infrequently!) in photos when the lens is pointed towards the light and just beside a shadow.

I have always loved the effect these have and find myself forever trying to 'catch' them with my point and shoot camera. But I generally don't succeed. This afternoon however, as I have been doing almost each day this week because of this weather (27 today... Hurrah!), I took my camera out into the garden with a cuppa, sat down, found some shadowy sections with the sun behind and 'caught' the most I have ever been able to get in my life!

I hope you enjoy the onslaught hehe xx


  1. Magnificent. The flower pic is spectacular. Yay for spring!

  2. I think that is called bokeh? I have a few photographer friends who post endless amounts of pictures on Flickr, trying to capture those spots in different shapes (sometimes with fancy lenses too.)

  3. well done on the bokeh! i love the effect too...& your swing! I have just recently watched Bright Star...the loveliest romantic movie & there is the best swing ever hung from an old oak is an old chair with the legs cut off ; 0 I sooo want one now! Love to borrow your "bebotheredness" if I may..cute!! Much love Catherine