Thursday, January 20, 2011

January plot

I have been trying to keep note of what vegetables and herbs we have planted or sown in each bed, so we don't forget and repeat plant the same crop in the same bed next season.  I thought I would try to create a plot organiser using Publisher every month or so. Yes I am still on school holidays, and yes I am a night owl and frequently stay up drinking tea and playing around with Publisher till 2am. 

We have not really stuck to any planting rules of thumb (aside from considering the amount and angle of sunlight in each bed throughout the day) as I was much too rapped about having a veggie garden and impatience got the better of me. Quite literally as seeds germinated in raising trays the next day they were whisked out and planted into freshly composted soil. 

So we'll see how that goes, without a doubt mistakes have been made. Next season we will be definitely consider companion planting and waiting until seedlings are strong enough to tackle the baking Summer sunshine. Lesson learnt!

* NOTE Those little wormy critters are most likely intestinal worms from the composted cow manure we turned into the soil before planting... and Hurrah - have NOT been munching anything. Thanks xx


  1. Ew! Intestinal worms! Heheh, that's really quite gross. But reassuring that nothing is munching on all your hard work.

  2. Well that is a bit of a snazzy diagram. I hate that things are so much easier in the holidays to maintain, but are never continued during the term. Lucky we have plenty of holidays :)

  3. What a fantastic diagram...I know very little about crop rotation, well gardening for that matter but I am sure we will stumble our way along and learn as we go :)

  4. You really are quite amazing hehehe.