Tuesday, January 18, 2011

mirror mirror on the.. fence

A new mirror thrifted for $10 is going to be hung on the fence. I love mirrors in gardens.

One colander full of nectarines from our tree. One colander more than last year. Watering helps hehe

I tied up bamboo stakes making 1.5 m high teepees for our Golden and Sugar Snap Beans.

Happy days!!


  1. Oh nectarines = yummo! I have been eyeing off our pear tree for weeks now, sending 'ripening vibes' up into its branches. Good luck with your climber teepees. I made some last year for my beans and they all fell over after a big storm!

  2. Your nectarines look oh so yummy...I would love to grow fruit. My son and I are starting a garden of our very own soon, probably the wrong season but oh well. I'll have to go through your archives and get some tips :)

    btw that mirror is gorgeous!!