Monday, February 7, 2011

first harvest, berries and pies

We picked our first veggies on the weekend. 5 extraordinarily peppery radishes! We tried one and couldn't handle the taste so gave them all to my mum and dad :) They seemed very grateful, but I haven't called them to ask their honest verdict. Although they grew so quickly and it was delightful to watch those red baubles appear at the soil surface we will never grow them again. 

On Sunday The Boy took us on a drive into the Adelaide Hills to pick blackberries. There is something so special about picking berries from the roadside. We did get ripped to shreds by nasty thorns (gloves helped somewhat) but after about 30 minutes of picking we came away with half a bucketful of plump glossy berries!

When we got home The Boy used our basil to make pesto and pine-nut pasta. It was incredibly tasty. Hoorah for freshly grown herbs! And for dessert .... I Googled blackberry pie recipes and made two large pies in cake tins (should buy a pie tin) with this recipe.  Very simple and yummy. A delicious weekend (sans radish).


  1. Yum! Tell me, where do you find these roadside blackberries?

  2. Thanks for giving me a childhood memory! As kids we always went blackberry picking......we came home with stained hands and clothes and just enough blackberries for mum to make a pie for dinner! Yummo!

  3. That pie looks scrumptious!!

  4. Oooh I'm with Gillian! Are you OK with disclosing your berry picking location?

  5. I just harvested my first radishes too, they were more spicy than the market bought, I love them! I will make your pie soon when summer will be here,
    It there autumn now? Here spring is on season! It will be interesting seeing your blog during winter while here is summer