Sunday, February 6, 2011

flea market finds

Last week I mentioned a special something that I had wished and dreamed of having in my possession, then found it at Limberlost. One beautiful (albeit dirty and cobweb ridden) printers tray!!

When I saw one shabby looking tray on the floor I asked without much hope if the owner had any more. He walked my friend and I down to his little workshed and there in front of me was what you see in the photo above. My jaw dropped (I recall my friend taking a photo of my face hehe) as I couldn't believe what I saw. So many trays all piled up on top of each other! I went through them all and chose the one on the top.

Here she is in her before state.

I hoped to have before and after photos by now, but it's still in it's before state as there is crispy grotty paper covering the back of each little space which needs to be removed. I attempted to clean it up then realised that  this job will be a more time consuming task. As I have mentioned previously, I do love a little project :)

So until then, do pop into Sophie's for other cleaner finds!


  1. what a fabulous find, I am always on the lookout for these but as yet haven't come across one, well done!

  2. how did you resist buying them... ALL?

  3. OMG I would have had to work out a way to take them all. How on earth could you choose just one?

  4. OHHH! love! be great to see what you do with it

    ps. the garden is looking SO good!

  5. You've only proved my point it's worth asking. So amazing.
    My Flea Market Find

  6. Such an amazing find! well done!!

  7. What a score! To get to pick out of a bunch too! So lucky-well done!

  8. Oh this makes me so happy! I love amazing finds and this is just brilliant! Well done!!
    Sophie x

  9. This is definitely not a small project. I couldn't imagine how you can clean up all the little compartments ... unless you will call on some pixies. ;)

    Hi Tracy, I am Connie that you left a msg a while ago in my blog. I kind of think that it's not easy to meet anyone twice a month for what I have committed this year. Do you meet the other crafters fortnightly? Connie