Saturday, February 19, 2011


Our 50 year old pear tree is now brimming with gorgeous fat pears, and similar to last year the rainbow lorikeets and possums are getting to them before we can. We were hoping that placing them on the kitchen windowsill will ripen them up nicely, but we tried one yellowing one which smelt divinely pear-esque the other day and it was terribly bitter and had gross brown spots inside. Shame. Hopefully the rest are better.

Tasty spring onions, bok choy and rainbow chard have been harvested for our last two dinners.

We took a trip to Bunnings today and I spent a few happy hours gardening in the afternoon. I planted one too many leeks, in hope for some yummy potato and leek soup in the Winter (it appears that the tray for $2.99 contained 32 to be precise hehe). Friends and family, I hope you like leeks! Also put in some green dragon broccoli and one brussel sprout plant just for the fun of watching it grow - the little sprouts grow dotted all around the outside of one tall stem. Very random.

Hope your enjoying some lovely mid 20's weather as we are in Adelaide 


  1. Oh we've had the same problem with our pear tree. All the parrots in the neighbourhood have finished destroying our plums and have now moved on to our pears. And the fruit that I have managed to ripen inside has tasted gross. Good luck on finding something edible from your tree at some point!

  2. Ah to have fresh home-grown produce to dine on :)
    Shame about your pears, they look so nice lined up in a row like that.

  3. I think they are William pears and they are over ripe when yellow. You should try them when they are green they are not soft juicy pears rather crunchy and fibrous still delicious though. Our tree is also laden with fruit and the possoms lorrikeets and harliquin beetles tell us when they are ripe rather than the feel of the fruit because they will always feel quite hard and unyeilding cut one open and try it.