Tuesday, February 15, 2011

lounge room re*decorate

Adios dark brown leather sofas!!! After being unsure about purchasing a light coloured sofa - we decided just to jump in (all well and good while we don't have any children) and we are now completely in love  with our lounge room and new cushion

The oatmeal coloured fabric is wonderfully light and has opened the space up and... us tallies can both lay down on the new modular without our legs hanging over the edge!

 The step ladder went up on the wall as a joke, then we decided it was sort of interesting and it has stayed put. I am thinking that the printers tray might look nice on that wall once I have finished cleaning it up.

See the blanket stand above? We seriously love blankets in this house. Are you eagerly awaiting the cooler months too?


  1. Your new couch looks great in your space, so much more light and airy looking. I think that ladder is pretty fab, along with the blanket stand :)

  2. What a lovely room. I like the view out the window too.

  3. The room looks so much lighter and softer now with the new couches. And I love the cushion and blanket collection (I spy the Umbrella Prints elephants in there!)

  4. Your lounge looks heaps better now. I think those couches will survive, you got latherings of fabric protector on there?

  5. It looks so warm, inviting and comforting! I love the colors! We have the same looking sectioanl :) good taste!