Thursday, March 24, 2011

harvesty goodness

Hello little blog,
Not many posts going on lately - I am blaming parent-teacher interviews, piles of student assessment at work, and much more fun but tiring ....spending the rest of my energy on planning a little trip in April (aaaYeeeee!!!!)

Thursday night involved a mega harvesting session after work. We normally harvest to eat food that day but this time was for two reasons. Firstly so we could freeze the majority of the vegetables and didn't want to risk having loads of precious goodies go to waste while on holiday. Secondly so we can sow seeds in the empty areas of our beds this weekend in hope of returning with a few little seedlings sprouting from the soil.

Handfuls of beans were blanched and put in the freezer. Even more purple carrots were pulled, only this time they had grown a little fatter... but still each with crazy curly spindly root systems. I cut these up into small pieces and blanched these too, but I'm not sure whether they will freeze as well as the beans? It's all a bit experimental at this stage.

** edit.
I pulled out about 30 baby Topweight carrots today. 100% success with this variety. Hurrah!

Do pop over to Daphne's Dandelions to see some yummy fresh vegetables. Happy harvesting! 

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  1. Lovely HArvest, I wish mine was that diverse too! I am harvesting only baby lettuce for now, it's my first time gardening by myself, oh well with the help of my hubby :)