Thursday, May 5, 2011


After deciding not to accept a job in Cambodia towards the end of 2010, we started throwing ideas about of a yummy holiday instead. So last month we packed our bags (not to mention hand-sanitizer!), said goodbye to work and ventured out of Adelaide on our dream trip to Southern India and Sabah, Malaysia.

Let's just say that I was rather snap happy (especially in India), in fact my delicious new camera's shutter got a hardcore workout and took 2000 photos! I'll be sharing some of those that I hold particularly close to my heart. There is something so magnificent about India - the people, religions, land and traditions are just so different, vibrant and captivating. The way we feel towards this country is the most difficult to explain... we were sometimes utterly shocked, then amazed, next upset, then disgusted (mostly by smells!), only to be in awe the next minute and finally ended up falling in love with the place.

For me these are special moments frozen in time, shared with my wonderful travel buddy xx Love you Loon.

Bike on a Chennai roof-top.

Marina Beach market stall, Chennai.

Marina Beach, Chennai.

Brightly painted tower of Sri Meenakshi Temple, Madurai.

Cycle rickshaw in Old George Town, Chennai.


  1. Just beautiful, Tracey - you have such a talent for capturing the essence of stuff!!Looking forward to seeing more...

  2. Gorgeous photography! India is on the to-do travel list for us. We are just looking forward to eating and sightseeing and going all snap-happy along the way.