Saturday, May 14, 2011


A masala chai wallah cleaning up used glasses, Madurai. 

We became utterly addicted to this drink, consuming it almost whenever we came across it
(for approx 20c a glass who wouldn't). It always came super hot in tiny glasses, and smelt perfectly spicy but sweet. We particularly loved watching the steaming tea being poured from one glass to another from crazy heights.

Oil lamps in Sri Manakshi Temple, Madurai.

Lovely oil bottles at an incense factory.

Tea pickers in the blissful hills around Munnar.

Tea popping from a picker's haul.


  1. india is quite appealing to me now... x
    first photo my fav

  2. All the photos look so nice!
    I've been to Kerala but never been to the East. I'm thinking to go to the North in August. I miss Chai and curry!!!

  3. Wow they are some mighty long fingers! ;) Great photos. I love the tea pickers.
    Nic x