Saturday, May 21, 2011

outdoor bulbs 2011

I heart Autumn. Actually while we were away on holiday I was patiently looking forward to coming home simply to remove my bulby babes from their Winter home (aka. the fridge veggie drawer) where they had spent 6 chilly weeks, and begin an epic planting!

Garden Express did a great job of providing me with just over 300 Spring blooming bulbs in good condition. Most of which were planted a few weekends ago in pots outdoors or in garden beds (bit scared about this one... I've never planted bulbs in our garden) however some are indoors - photos soon.

I have various Tulips in fancy dresses and in almost all colours of the rainbow, Daffodils, Jonquils, Blue Grape Muscari, Snowflakes and Freesias. Our garden beds should resemble a packet of Skittles in Spring with Ixias, Sparaxis, Anenome and Rannunculi dotted about among the naturalizing daffodils that came with the garden when we moved in.  I have never had any luck with Rannunculi but adore them... so fingers crossed we'll have a bloom or two this year :)

Are you considering planting bulbs this Autumn? They say May is the final best month for Spring blooming bulbs to be planted throughout the cooler areas in Australia. So do get planting if you were thinking about it. It's worth it :D


  1. Thanks for the tip about May as the last best month! Might have to get on to planting some bulbs. Cant wait to see your photos in Spring!

  2. It's a freshie!

  3. PS. Love the blog, Bean. Gorgeous! x