Thursday, June 2, 2011

indoor bulbs

15 op-shopped vases, jars, pots, kettles and milk jugs are the new homes of my indoor bulbs for 2011.

Each morning I check on their progress each morning hoping to see a new millimeter of shiny green sprout. Hyacinths, daffodils, blue muscari and tulips are among these soon-to-be beauties. Can't wait!


  1. Mine are looking great too Trace! It is nice to watch them sprout over the days and weeks! Was such a great present idea... hope to see you soon
    Loz x

  2. Oh my, they're fantastic. I love your little menagerie (probably not the word for it, but what exactly do you call a collection of plants that look so scrummy they could be pets) x

  3. I got some bulbs in thanks to this post- it prompted me to get a wriggle on! They are coming along nicely. So satisfying watching them grow.