Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June plot

After weekends of waiting, where it felt like we did nothing except weed #$!@ loads of soursobs, the last of our Winter veggies went in. I had been dreaming of what yummy things we could plant and sow for weeks now, and with the cooler months upon us, we breathed a huge sigh of relief once they were all nestled into the soil. 

Without any further adieu here is a quick review the successes and crappo things we grew last season. See January Plot.

These grew VERY well from Jan-May and we WILL plant again ...
  • spinach / rainbow chard (these 11 plants feed us, both our parents and my friends weekly - and they are still pumping!)
  • basil, coriander, oregano and thyme
  • dwarf sugar-snap beans
  • Top Weight carrots (satisfying to pull out, yummy)
  • beetroot
  • bok choy (fast growing, but loved by insects)
  • Sweet Bite cherry tomatoes (these 9 plants have given us over 100 deliciously sweet tomatoes - and they are still putting out flowers and fruiting)

These will NOT be grown again ...
  • radishes (eeewe, need I say more?)
  • rocket (too hot and peppery)
  • golden beans (slightly tasteless)
  • purple haze carrots (soil issues send their roots leggy and spidery)

The broccoli we planted in March survived a frustrating caterpillar massacre but have all developed beautiful compact emerald heads. We have been eating them for dinner steamed with butter, salt and pepper. They're so much tastier than store bought veggies! *Note: After being unsuccessful with organic pest methods of  removing and killing them by hand and an oil chilli and garlic mixture...we use Yates Vegetable Dust. We apply it fortnightly and the little green guys die within the day. It's good stuff!

Above: Our sweet Lucy enjoying the shade beneath our makeshift sun shelter (sheets and some old lattice) in Feb. She obviously thinks the veggie garden is all for her. Even during these cooler months we find her curled up among the leeks on a bed of pea straw.

Despite hating 99% of photos of myself  I just need to get over it! So here are a few which show my super enthusiastic feelings towards pulling out our first beet, hehe :)

Happy gardening


  1. I hope the June plantings grow well for you. I love your diagrams :) And you look gorgeous as always!

  2. Ooo you look lovely and happy, and no wonder, look at that fabulous beetroot! Mine haven't even germinated this year, cheeky things. I love your colour coded beds, mine are all so mixed up and around that if I did a colour chart it would look very much like a big brown blob!