Saturday, July 2, 2011

indoor bulbs part II

Hurrah - the hyacinths are all blooming! 

This weekend our dining room looks like a packet of Skittles and smells like a florist, but we're not complaining at all. This is the second year I have forced these bulbs and both times I have had about 95% success with flowers blooming. Some of the bulbs went mouldy, but most enjoyed their pretend Winter in the vegetable crisper. Blue muscaris and tulips will be the next to bloom... c'mon little things!


  1. Oh how lovely! I must try something like this for next year.

  2. They look beautiful Trace! Mine are coming along but not flowers yet. What kind of bulbs were they that you gave me for my birthday?

  3. Stunning! What's the secret I seem to destroy anything in soil inside the house! Do let me know. I love your blog, been following for a while on my favourites!