Friday, September 23, 2011

small collections

My marble collection made a great substitute for weighing down a custard pie base.

Cubed butter softening in the sun ready to be made into pastry.

Splendidly sour grapefruits and granulated sugar have been eaten by the bucketload. Yum.

I am still here, just finding life is taking me on a journey of spending a fair amount of time in the garden. We are pottering and planning which Summer crops to plant during the school holidays, re-organising our inside spaces, laying concrete for a garden shed for Mark, and *insert drumroll here* the most exciting of the lot - discovering THE most perfect location for a spacious chicken coop in a shady corner of our front yard. Now to drawing up some plans and learning how to construct something from wood that doesn't fall over.

Although I am missing doing something with my hands I haven't had the desire to pick up a needle, hook or set up my beloved Janome. It doesn't bother me though. Also it's been months since I have thought about making a quick detour and popping into an op-shop. Is it possible to be all opped-out?

Ahhhh sunshine!

p s : If you are in Adelaide, do you know of anyone getting wanting to get rid of a chicken coop (saves me making one. Willing to pay) or know a reputable person to buy layers from? Do you have chickens? Which breed likes to be picked up/patted?


  1. oh those photos are just beautiful :)

  2. Inspried! Marbles for blind baking. Pure genius.

  3. Hi,
    Is Mark handy? Chris built our chicken coop. I have seen them made out of all sorts of things - it doesn't have to be fancy, just safe (not that there are many predators in suburban Adelaide!)
    We have some Isa Browns (from a place in Mclaren Flat) and some New Hampshires (from Oliver's on Morphett Rd near the race course). They are all good layers and have a lovely temperment.
    Front yard is a good idea - keep them away from your veggies!

  4. Hi,
    We live in Qld & find the best chooks for cuddling are silkies and pekins. Ours also lay very consistently and are deicious...the eggs that is haha.

  5. The marbles are wonderful & the pudding looks lovely too! I used to use marbles as baking beans too but then got scared incase they exploded or something so now have them in a vase in front of a window...You are obviously a much braver person!