Monday, September 5, 2011

royal adelaide show

The show was a lovely place to go for father's day celebrations. Happy Father's day dad and Mark 

I wasn't aware of how long you actually spend on the Ferris Wheel ride.

The chair swing is officially my favourite show ride. ever. 

I find that all rides put a spazzy happy smile on my face, but this ride has something special!

Warm sun. Smelly poultry shed. Calving cows. Crispy choros. Hot jammy donuts.  Not a showbag in sight..  yes I would like to elect myself to become the organiser of the Showbag Hate Club hehe. 



  1. Those are fantastic shots.... I love that you have no shoes on!!! :-)

  2. First of all, showbags are awesome. ;)

    Second of all LOVE the photos of you on the ride, they're beautiful & capture the fun perfectly!

  3. Ditto to LOVING those photos of you on the ride ! Awesome shots :)

  4. Tracey these photos are just beautiful! I especially love the last one, you look so happy and appear to be floating on life! Gorgeous x

  5. great photos! with you on the showbags.

  6. I think I will definitely have to try the swing ride. Looks fun!