Saturday, November 5, 2011

coop and veggies

Our broad bean plants grew to almost 6 foot tall!  My Oma gave me a great tip - Broad bean roots have little nitrogen storing nodules attached to them. So it's best to cut the plants off at the base with loppers and leave the roots in the ground. We will be topping the bean beds up with new loam in the next few weeks  ready for basil, more capsicum and peppers, which should respond well to the extra nitrogen. All the little beans are waiting to be blanched, submerged in cold water and frozen.

Despite feeling exhausted on these warm nights we have been busy beavers and put up the chicken run fence, gate and wooden coop. Just the roof to sort out (we have brutal beastly cats in our neighbourhood and possums who I have read are partial to eggs!), a ramp, nesting boxes then with any luck next weekend the girls will arrive!! =)

Oh and the corn is growing F A S T!!!


  1. looking wonderful! How to you keep and possums off your veggie garden?

  2. Your backyard home is growing beautifully Tracey! Can't wait to see photos of the girls.

  3. I go to Adelaide regular as my Mum and family lives there. I was looking for Adelaide bloggers (mainly to work out the vinnies competition) and couldn't find many. Glad to come across your blog