Monday, November 14, 2011

meet the girls

They're the sweetest, most curious, grub fossickin', clueless little Isa Brown hens we ever did meet.

Names: Penn and Teller. Moving right on from the fact that those are 'male' names... they shouldn't get much of a complex. Penn escaped the coop today and hence their names were selected to reflect our favourite magician duo.

They never stray more than a meter away from each other. If one begins to preen its feathers, so too does the other. If one starts scratching for bugs, the other is there soon after doing the same. Clearly besties!

I adore their fluffy baby chick bum feathers!

Hmmm.. there must be a way I can get into this coop....?


  1. couldn't you just watch them for hours!! isa browns are my favourite. they're so friendly.

    we got 4 new chickens last week too (and i have a blog post drafted with the same title!!) and already have lost one who escaped over the back fence. ooops. i'm hopeful for her return.


  2. They are so cute. I think the names are great!