Sunday, May 6, 2012

chillies, bulbs and bottles...

Mark's herb bed is full of the brightest (and HOTTEST!) orange chillies we have ever laid our eyes on. He has high hopes of salting some and making chilli oil out of the rest. The veggie garden seriously need some work one of these days. Soon. There's just not enough time on weekends, and not enough energy in my baby-growing body.

The dining table is yet again (see last years here and here) laden with pots of forced hyacinth bulbs, although not quite as many as the previous 2 years. I'm sticking to purely growing hyacinths indoors as I have had the most success with them in the past, plus they are just so pretty and bright. Looking forward to watching them grow as Adelaide's cold days wear on.

My new bulb garden is coming along nicely (photos to come soon). All 400 or so bulbs (I know - a little nuts right?!) have been planted. The muscaris and last years daffodil sprouts have already emerged!

Autumn is such a nice season!


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  1. Autumn is a wonderful season where we Southerners get to experience a little of the Northern Hemisphere light.