Thursday, May 31, 2012

our little girl's nursery


I've been neglecting this little blog of late. I am not feeling much motivation to take many photos (I'm saving my camera battery for more special occasions you could say!), find myself using up any extra energy to work in the garden, clean spaces I've never known needed cleaning and attend all those hospital appointments.... all in preparation for our little bean's arrival sometime in the next 5 weeks (YIKES!!!).

We have been slowly plodding away on the nursery. Just waiting on the two big essential items - the cot and change table, then it's completo.

We have gone for neutrals, primary brights with a vintage and wooden toy appearing here and there. 

Now that I am on maternity leave I find myself wasting time admiring the sweet things I have collected or been given over the years with the hope that they would one day appear in our baby's room.

These four little friends are eagerly waiting our baby's arrival on her mantle piece.  A few years ago I made them during my softie sewing and crochetting days, however they were eventually moved into a cupboard in the spare room. To think that they will soon have a small owner with little hands to drag them around the house makes me all kinds of happy 

The ever helpful Lucy, overseeing the hanging of onesies, jumpsuits and seriously small outfits.

The mobile is up. After debating the colour scheme we went with primary colours. We are both happy with how it turned out.



  1. Looks amazing Trace!!! Love it. Chat wait to see it in person! X

  2. You are inspiring me! What a great job you have done, what a lucky little bub :)

  3. Lovely! Mobile turned out great too!x

  4. It all looks super dooper cute!

  5. It is so beautiful. A darling space for sure. Now rest up as much as you can. Really - rest up!!!