Wednesday, April 14, 2010

they're here...

I have been wondering when little green grassy shoots would appear. This morning I saw that our back lawn had grown quite literally overnight... AND some bulbs have awoken after the nasty hot Summer. As a general rule I am easily pleased and excitable, but seeing these little green living things pop up in our garden makes me stupidly happy :)

I began a sort of 'gardening scrapbook' yesterday detailing what should be flowering and which veggies can be planted in each month in metro Adelaide. I am hoping this should keep us on track, as the gardening thing is a bit new, and we really have no idea what to do!


  1. yay for things that survived summer! I remember being so insanely happy at my tomato seedlings sprouting one year. A good feeling. I'm excited this year cause I've just planted some ranunculas for spring. I feel very orgnanized.

  2. I'm an Adelaide girl too ... and I've been noticing the same thing! It's so nice to see green again after so much brown. I agree, you've got to enjoy these things! x