Friday, May 21, 2010

Autumn happenings...

I may or may not be keeping a secret from you regarding these 4 (plus one hidden beneath) photo frames and some home decorating plans. I am so excited and can't wait to share the finished product! Today the reflection on the glass of the neighbour's fig tree in it's Autumny state look my breath away.

The late afternoon sun is now spreading its rays through our kitchen window at a different angle, making my glass bottle collection glow with prettiness.

Enjoying the shapes of these smooth baubley stems.

and lastly - being patient waiting for some fluffy blossom buds to do their thing.



  1. favourite season! Thank you Tracey. Happy crafting, Jenny

  2. We have been having an awesome spot of Autumn in Adelaide this week haven't we? Sure beats 40 degrees! Bud I do find it amazing that the buds are out already. Silly things. Don't they know how far away it is till spring?

  3. Oh, and I am intrigued by the frame work happening. (I'm not patient either...hint, hint)