Friday, February 4, 2011

January plot

It's all growing! Thanks to my crafty fellow's blue tarp shade structure($40 for everything!) most plants survived the 42 degree heatwave Adelaide experienced this week. Of the unlucky few were our poor passion fruit plants which crisped to smithereens :(

Bed 1. The basil is growing SO quickly and looking rather lush. Incredibly hardy herbs in this bed. No shade, all survived the heat. The bok choy is beginning to resemble store bought bok choy.This makes for happy gardeners at our house. We examined the rocket plants this evening, which are beginning to develop that thin frilly leaf... and already tastes peppery.

Bed 2. The radish plants have begun producing round scarlet bulbs just below the surface. We lost a few orange carrot seedlings, and I'm waiting for their greenery to pick up... or are carrots just slow growers? Our golden butter beans, which i sowed directly in the bed from seed, have grown taller than the green beans I sowed in seedling raiser trays - even though the butter beans weren't sown until about a week and a half after the green bean seedlings were transplanted. It appears that direct sowing leads to faster growth.

Bed 3. Rainbow chard is growing beautifully, as are the purple carrots.  It's difficult to see in the photo (click on it to see the full size, might be easier to spot) but the beetroot plants have thinned themselves in the scorching temps to the fittest (saved me from doing it!).

Bed 4. We just love tomatoes. It is one of those staple foods for us which we buy regularly, although they rarely taste spectacular. So we bought a $2.99 pack of 8 cherry tomato seedlings only 3 weeks ago in hope of getting a few fruits before the end of the Summer. Already the plants have quadrupled in size and  ... two have tiny yellow flowers. We couldn't believe it - flowers so soon. We might have our own tasty tomatoes  in the next few weeks. Yummo.

ps. We really need to invest in a digital watering timer to reduce garden related stupidity like forgetting the soaker hoses were on for oh, 9 whole hours!

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  1. Your gardens are looking great, you will be enjoying the fruits of your labour in no time :)
    We started a little garden ourselves this week...container gardens that is